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Synonyms for acknowledgment

the act of admitting to something

favorable notice, as of an achievement

Synonyms for acknowledgment

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The Durdens subsequently obtained a second written acknowledgment from their church with the required language, but the IRS said it did not meet the contemporaneous written acknowledgment requirement, which defines contemporaneous as the earlier of the date of filing or the extended due date, including extensions, of the return.
McCabe recommended sending a separate, personalized acknowledgment letter with the donor's receipt.
For example, if the vehicle is later sold by the charity, the acknowledgment given to the donor must also indicate the following:
Stand-up acknowledgment at conference social function.
Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze dinner sponsorships are available at $10,000, $7,500, $5,000 and $3,000 respectively, with tickets to the dinner, journal ad, onsite and journal acknowledgment and other benefits of recognition commensurate with the level of participation.
Yet more interesting in this regard (or at least more interesting than any checklist) was the degree to which the exhibition's conception seemed to recapitulate several of the theoretical impulses behind Bourriaud and Sans's Palais de Tokyo--including the fundamental acknowledgment that developments in technology during the past decade (and the corporate strategies for disseminating them) have continually altered the fabric of our experience and, more specifically, have made the kinds of time we encounter (and that artists, like "film editors," produce) more variable and diverse.
Consideration is required to support an at-will acknowledgment signed by an existing employee.
The site is located on Highway 66 on the west side of Kirkland Lake beyond the Miners' monument, an acknowledgment of the town's mining history.
I am disappointed that acknowledgment of Jesus can be dropped out so easily.
In this context, reparations include acknowledgment of the injury, an apology for it, and some kind of compensation.
3), the Acknowledgment section on page 166 was incomplete.
This is about the Acknowledgment of God and many judges can't admit they are wrong and that they can enter unlawful orders," Moore's statement reads.
By the same token, most of Kuehn's examples concern bastards from the propertied classes; the economic and cultural stakes of their acknowledgment were higher than among poorer Florentines and consequently likelier to prompt disputes with legitimate siblings or other lineage members.
All partners must acknowledge and confirm the write request before the RAID controller returns a write acknowledgment to the file system of the host(s).