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Synonyms for acknowledge

Synonyms for acknowledge

to recognize, often reluctantly, the reality or truth of

to express recognition of

Synonyms for acknowledge

declare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of

report the receipt of

express recognition of the presence or existence of, or acquaintance with


express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for

accept as legally binding and valid

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accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority

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September 2 - Housing manager Leigh Caveney acknowledges receipt of another neighbour nuisance diary, but said, as the Shakespeares are the only witnesses, he cannot take action.
Arbour and Blackburn tell us something quite different: "It is a huge undertaking for gay and lesbian youth to acknowledge who they are (my emphasis), understand what this entails, see themselves as worthy human beings, and determine when they are ready to come out to family or close friends.
It thus acknowledges that in-house tax professionals represent a distinct category of tax professionals for whom rules appropriate to their function must be fashioned.
He acknowledges that they are internally discussing the possibility of expanding the franchise, but goes on to say, "It's important for us to quickly develop 'catcher' products in Toyota and Lexus that are attractive to an xB or a tC owner.
These blessings acknowledge a sanctification, which the church has discerned to exist already, and which the community affirms to be authentic.
Though the couple and Broderick y Guerra acknowledge that the whole congregation may not support the same-sex union, they say most congregants have been encouraging.
As Leangen acknowledges, the market is several orders of magnitude larger than Canada, so if Konova can break in, it will pay off.
While Tobin+Parnes has yet to complete certain aspects of the Paramount project, the recognition bestowed by The Skyscraper Museum acknowledges outstanding components that have been completed, in particular the night lighting of the Paramount's upper setsbacks and the restoration of its glass globe and clock.
One major national retailer acknowledges high-level meetings with Disney
Like every other student of manners, Bryson acknowledges Elias's pioneering work, but she also shows how the relationship of specific rules to reality is far more complicated than he acknowledged.
John Hancock's strategy acknowledges policy-holders' right to benefit from a fair-market valuation of the company and, in effect, condemns the traditional method of IPO valuations as inadequate and inconsistent with equitable compensation for all eligible policyholders.
While Bader-Saye acknowledges that the process of Christendom's demise began before the twentieth century, it has only been in the past fifty years that the Christendom paradigm has passed from the American religious scene in particular.
There should be a category that acknowledges pure comedy - perhaps rename the variety/music writing category ``outstanding comedy writing.
Practitioners should incorporate in their engagement letters a statement that the auditor will not release the report until he or she receives the management representation letter in which management specifically acknowledges it is responsible for fairly presenting the financial statements and that it must affirm the truthfulness of the information it provides to the auditor.
She goes on to enumerate some of the ways that women's businesses are different from men's (though she acknowledges many differences among women's businesses).