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capable of being acknowledged

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It was acknowledgeable that Rangers had restored peace in city through taking effective actions against the criminals, extortionists, target killers and terrorists, he said talking to a private news channel.
ISLAMABAD -- With developing countries paying due attention to infrastructural development, it has become an acknowledgeable fact that a network of quality roads spur economic growth and highlight the geo economic potential of the country, besides opening up new vistas of development and opportunities for the masses.
One of the most acknowledgeable works of GPT classification is Hall and Trajtenberg (2004)'s cross-patent study.
For such, it was used as theoretical benchmark, Habermas Theory of Discourse in which "arguments are reasons that recover, under conditions of the speech, an expectation of validity raised through acts of speech that may be either acknowledgeable or regulatory, moving the participants of the debate, rationally, to accept the descriptive or regulatory norms as valid"(HABERMAS, Jurgen, 1929- Direito e democracia: entre facticidade e validade, volume I/Jurgen Habermas; traducao: Flavio BenoSiebeneichler.
And it can be communicated in a universally acknowledgeable language, because we have presumably learned the art of dialogue between faith and modernity.
The competent directorate shall consider an application whether by accepting or rejecting it via a registered-mail letter with acknowledgeable delivery notification through electronic instruments within not more than ten (10) workdays from the date of receiving the application provided that a decision in favor of rejection should be appropriately justified.
Previous years have outlined that the aim to combine popular with serious music is an acknowledgeable move, but this doesn't always pay off.