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red pear-shaped tropical fruit with poisonous seeds

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Ackee fruit is smart because it knows how to defend its seeds until they mature to ensure a continued existence.
A cost analysis revealed whether the expense of conducting Unripe ackee fruit is closed.
This outpost of Dudley may not seem the obvious place to sample the delights of ackee and saltfish, fried dumplings, curried goat and red bream.
Someone would bring the ackee and saltfish, someone would bring the dumplings, the rice and peas, the mannish water a hearty soup.
Some people say to me that ackee saltfish is too hard to cook.
Add tomatoes and thyme and, when heated through and well blended, slowly stir in ackees and fish.
The ackee looks like a large, pink mango until it ripens.
The patties will be featured by Port Royal Patties, while the ackees and callaloo can be found on the stand of Agriventures which grows them in its own orchards in Jamaica and is the country's largest exporter of these products.
Add seasoning, bacon and ackees and saute for approximately five minutes.
Jerk pork and chicken, along with rice and peas (although these are actually beans) and the national dish of ackee and codfish can be relied upon to crop up somewhere on most Jamaican restaurant menus.
West Indian flavours on show were derived from produce such as yams, ackees, plantain, and hot peppers.
Some of the fruit crop seedlings which are to be made available include guavas, mangoes, breadfruits, naseberries, ackees, cashews, nutmegs, soursops, jackfruits, avocados, tamarinds, june plums and otaheite apples.
This branding now appears on jerk seasoning, jerk sauce, Scotch bonnet pepper sauce, crushed cayenne pepper sauce, hot pepper sauce, ackees, callaloo, browning, molasses, burnt sugar, spice buns and carrot drink.