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red pear-shaped tropical fruit with poisonous seeds

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My husband really enjoyed the Ackee n' Saltfish (ackee is a type of fruit which appears in many Jamaican dishes, apparently) but I found the flavour far too strong.
Fatal intoxication due to ackee (Blighia sapida) in Suriname and French Guyana.
The ackee is sometimes called a "vegetable brain" because only the inner, brain-shaped, yellowish arils are edible.
The event promises mouth watering Jamaican cookery from traditional Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish to Cornmeal porridge.
Travel || try the sweet and gingery sorrel juice, ackee and saltfish and the delicious wood-smoked pork jerky at Scotchie's in St Ann.
I love jerk chicken and pork, rice and peas, yams, ackee and saltfish.
If you just want a drink, a quick dinner, a cool chilled out dinner with family and friends I recommend the ackee and saltfish with a dumpling to start then the curried goat, tender pieces of goat on the bone, marinated in Caribbean spices, served with traditional rice and peas.
Somatic embryogenesis from leaf and zygotic embryo explants of Blighia sapida 'cheese' ackee.
Local food includes saltfish and ackee to jerk, Red Stripe beer and coffee.
org/wiki/Ackee) national fruit of Jamaica , the ackee blooms during the warm months, like Snoop.
The Jamaican track and field team has been training in Birmingham before the London Olympics and the athletes would no doubt appreciate one of Tan Rosie's recent Jamaican kitchen suppers, which featured curry goat with rice and peas, ackee and saltfish with friend dumplings and Jamaican rum and raisin ice cream.
23) Epileptogenic plants cause generalized tonoclonic seizure activity through several mechanisms, including massive nicotinic receptor stimulation (poison hemlock, wild tobacco), gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) antagonism in the CNS (water hemlock), postsynaptic inhibition of inhibitory glycine receptors in the spinal cord (strychnine), and profound hypoglycemia (imported unripe ackee or breadfruit tree fruit).
We need to consider, next, on the one hand, the goats, cows, sheep, and pigs and, on the other, breadfruit, ackee, bananas, mangoes, and citrus fruits needed to feed the inhabitants of the colonies, both masters and slaves.
I pulled the car over to the side of the road and took out some breadfruit with ackee and salt fish.
Randall Ackee, Checkerboards and Coase: The Effect of Property