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red pear-shaped tropical fruit with poisonous seeds

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People say we have had curried goat, jerk chicken and ackee and saltfish but they haven't touched on the real Caribbean food.
They sampled music and food including sweet potato pudding, curried goat and rice and Ackee and salt fish.
Goat and mutton are also typical of the Caribbean dishes served in the Soul Kitchen as is ackee with salt fish.
The Prince arrived at Half Moon on Wednesday, March 7 and departed Thursday, March 8, where he enjoyed traditional Jamaican fare including jerked smoked chicken breast and Ackee & Saltfish with green bananas and steamed Callaloo, prepared by the villa staff.
I did always know he wudda reach far yu know,' she say almost to herself and her eyes shining like ackee seed" (35).
But this place sells breakfast of ackee and saltfish for about a pound, or beef, chicken, lobster and shrimp pasties, for a fraction of that sum.
It is her first recipe book since 1984 and includes favourites such as rice and peas, ackee and saltfish, jerk chicken and traditional journey cakes.
Examples of new and traditional recipes will form part of the presentation, and visitors can expect to be educated in the ways of traditional Jamaican foods, such as ackee fruit, breadfruit and dasheen.
The proceeds from the latest agreement will go towards Jamaica's Agriculture Fruit Tree Crop Project, including the development of ackee orchards.
We stopped off in town for a typical Jamaican lunch of jerk chicken, peas and rice and salt cod and ackee (a tropical fruit).
Children sampled the nation's traditional dish - saltfish with ackee, a type of fruit.
Starters include patties filled with goat, saltfish and ackee or spinach-like callaloo and Caribbean fish and chips, the chips made from oven-roasted, spiced sweet potato.
Meanwhile over in Vee's Caribbean Food, the ackee, jerk chicken and curried goat were also flying out.
Lord Mayor Coun Len Gregory was presented with a few samples, including kangaroo and springbok burgers, but found the Jamaican dishes, including ackee and saltfish, particularly enjoyable.
Order local dishes such as spicy jerk chicken and salt fish and ackee (the national dish).