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one of the small drupes making up an aggregate or multiple fruit like a blackberry

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one of the small sacs or saclike dilations in a compound gland

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Acinus N,M, Mas N, Ozer A, Mas R, Ozkomur E, 2006, Turk gorsel medyasmda yasliligin sunumu, V.
In paraseptal emphysema, almost the entire proximal part of the acinus is normal, whereas distal alveolar ducts and sacs are abnormal (Figure 4).
Each serous acinus was determined randomly by systematic sample method, moving the microscope stage left to right, in a stepwise way.
Among these transition males, a single specimen (Idas 6, Table 1) contained some acini in the dorsal region where oogonia were observed at the periphery along with spermatids, where both gametes were present within the same single acinus (Fig.
A serum molecule reaching saliva by diffusion must cross 5 barriers: the capillary wall; the interstitial space; the basal cell membrane of the acinus cell or duct cell; the cytoplasm of the acinus or duct cell; and the luminal cell membrane (32).
Higher labeling indices (percentage of acinus area immunoreactive for AQP-5) in the biopsies were found in SS patients who had taken DCEL This study demonstrated that D.
sperm morulae floating free in the lumen of the acinus of the testis).
The number of eggs found in each ovarian tubule (acinus), the number of mature egg number per acinus, and egg size were highest for females at this temperature, indicating increased fecundity and gametogenic maturity.
Cells were identified as spermatogonia/spermatocytes, spermatids, spermatozoa and multinucleated inclusions based on size, shape, intensity of staining and position in the acinus.
Mercer has used serial section reconstruction to make the first precise measurements of some of the lung's tiniest structures, such as an acinus - a cluster of alveoli vented by a single airway.
3A, B), where spermatogonia lays adjacent to the acinus wall and spermatocytes lay near the inner of the wall, followed by spermatids and spermatozoa, located toward the center of the acinus.
Each acinus consists of pyramidal cell clusters with many eosinophilic zymogen granules in their apical regions.
These include rigid arches, cribriform spaces, and bulbous papillae involving the acinus entirely or focally.
Measurements in that study were made from a respiratory bronchiole to the edge of the acinus.