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especially of some bacteria

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2006] and its population of aciduric bacteria to drop dramatically in a matter of months [Lula et al.
Key words: bacillus, aciduric, effervescence, spore-formers, lysine decarboxylase, cadaverine.
Dental caries occurs by the action of acidogenic and aciduric bacteria (Hamada and Slade, 1980), which interact with other microorganisms in biofilms on dental surfaces (Marsh, 2003).
In addition to these species, a number of other non-mutans streptococci that have acidogenic and aciduric properties were found to relate with caries [van Ruyven et al.
ABSTRACT--Of four selective media, Bacillus Tomato Juice Agar (BTJA) was the best medium to detect and enumerate aciduric, pH-elevating Bacillus, which cause non-effervescent spoilage of under processed tomatoes.