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make sour or more sour

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Hammond LL, Chien SH, Polo JR (1980) Phosphorus availability from partial acidulation of two phosphate rocks.
During the manufacture of P fertilisers by acidulation of phosphate rocks, the gaseous F compounds released are removed by scrubbing with water and the resulting scrubber liquor is then often used in the fertiliser manufacturing process (acid dilution and fertiliser granulation).
Phosphate rock (usually fluorapatite), a very insoluble form of phosphate, must be concentrated and converted to the available orthophosphate form through thermal or, more often, acidulation processes (Robinson 1980).
The most common acidulation process is the treatment of phosphate rock with an acid such as sulfuric acid ([H.
During the acidulation process that creates phosphoric acid, radon gas contained in the phosphate pebble can be released in greater proportions than other decay-rate products (radionuclides) and carried over into the fluorosilicic acid.
As bench and pilot scale testing had indicated, the plant would entail semi-autogeneous grinding, first- and second-stage ball mill grinding, cyclone classification to the required fine size, acid pressure oxidation autoclaving at the indicated elevated temperature, ancillary heater and flash tanks, an oxygen plant, acidulation and neutralization tanks, CIL cyanide leaching, and carbon desorption and activation.
After thickening, the slurry from the grinding circuits passes through the acidulation process prior to autoclaving.
This mine life calculation is based on recovering 93% of the P2O5 from the rock concentrate during the acidulation process and 95% of the P2O5 during the DAP/MAP granulation process.
As part of the expansion, the scope of work will include new warehouses, new acidulation and granulation lines, fully automated blending and bagging equipment for small (50kg) and big (1t) bags, a boiler for steam production, a wastewater treatment plant and rest areas for truck drivers.
While acidulation in the winery is fairly common in red wine, some wineries are choosing to live with higher pHs in the 3.
Characteristics of the fertilisers used Granule size or grade Fertiliser Symbol (mm) Calcined magnesite (calmag 1, MgO) CM1 1-2 Calcined magnesite (calmag 2, MgO) CM2 2-4 Granulated calmag 20% acidulation GM 2-4 (granmag, Mg[SO.
The product was shipped by train to an acidulation plant at Tanga on the Indian Ocean.