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make sour or more sour

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Khonje DJ ,Varsa EC and B Klubek The acidulation effects of nitrogenous fertilizers on selected chemical and microbiological properties of soil.
Most phosphate rocks contain around 3-4% F (Table 6), much of which is released as gaseous F compounds during the acidulation process for the manufacture of phosphate fertilisers.
During the acidulation process that creates phosphoric acid, radon gas contained in the phosphate pebble can be released in greater proportions than other decay-rate products (radionuclides) and carried over into the fluorosilicic acid.
This mine life calculation is based on recovering 93% of the P2O5 from the rock concentrate during the acidulation process and 95% of the P2O5 during the DAP/MAP granulation process.
Characteristics of the fertilisers used Granule size or grade Fertiliser Symbol (mm) Calcined magnesite (calmag 1, MgO) CM1 1-2 Calcined magnesite (calmag 2, MgO) CM2 2-4 Granulated calmag 20% acidulation GM 2-4 (granmag, Mg[SO.