acidophilus milk

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milk fermented by bacteria

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Studies based on using breath hydrogen measurement indicate a better absorption of the lactose of yogurt compared to the lactose of buttermilk and sweet acidophilus milk.
Key words: Functional foods, Probiotics, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Acidophilus milk, Sensory evaluation, Keeping quality, Buffalo milk
Instead the L acidophilus intervention was expressed as L acidophilus milk or sweet acidophilus milk (Dehkordi, Newcomer, Onwulata, Savaiano, McDonough, Kim).
Eat unpasteurized yogurt (left at room temperature for 30 minutes to activate the live bacteria that digest lactose)--but don't pay extra for yogurt-containing acidophilus bacteria, some strains of which are not lactose digesters--nor are the bacteria in acidophilus milk.
Lactose intolerant people can digest fermented dairy products, like buttermilk, yogurt, and acidophilus milk.
Neither acidophilus milk nor buttermilk is free of lactose.
Ralphs also produces sweet acidophilus milk, treated with a culture that aids digestion of lactose.
This enzyme is not found in unfermented products such as acidophilus milk, cultured milk, or pasteurized yogurt.
Sweet acidophilus milk is another lactose-reducing product.
The growth of pasteurized milk consumption is much higher than the consumption of autoclaved milk; acidophilus milk consumption is still having the fastest growth, and its average annual growth rate exceeded 23% during 2001 to 2006.
acidophilus, Bifidus, and Lactobacillus in products such as yogurt, acidophilus milk and kefir, (a fermented dairy drink).