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especially of some bacteria

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Production and characterization of acidophilic xylanolytic enzymes from Penicillium oxalicum GZ-2.
This approves the important role of pH in the production of enzymes by Trichoderma, and confirms the moderately acidophilic character of Trichoderma species (Kubicek-Pranz, 1998; Pandey et al.
pylori) is a gram-negative, microaerophilic and acidophilic bacterium that has tendency to reside in human stomach and duodenal epithelia for years either asymptomatically or develop a variety of chronic ulcer diseases such as peptic and gastric ulcer.
Contributors from a wide range of biological and environmental sciences look at acidophile microbiology in space and time, challenges and adaptations, the diversity of acidophilic microorganisms, acidophile community dynamics, the molecular biology of acidophiles, and applications and outlook.
Acidophilic, acellular and amorphous material, interspersed with small voids, which may correspond to areas where there were hydroxyapatite crystals that were lost in decalcification.
Additionally, an acidophilic chemolithotroph isolated from Rio Tinto and Deinococcus radiodurans microorganisms were exposed to simulated Mars environmental conditions in PASC under the protection of a layer of Mars regolith analogue.
This alliance includes acidophilic megaforb communities with a high grass diversity that grow in supra-oro-temperate areas of the Pyrenees (Rivas-Martinez, 2011).
Hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained sections were studied under a light microscope (400x) in order to evaluate the presence of necrosis and neuronal deficits such as acidophilic and triangular shaped neurons, condensed and pyknotic nuclei, and vacuolization.
Streptococci bacteria are most deleterious, in terms of dental caries; Sjogren's syndrome sufferers have been reported to have higher numbers of cariogenic and acidophilic micro-organisms in comparison with those found in age matched control individuals.
Deng P, Li D, Cao Y, Lu W, Wang C (2006) Cloning of a gene encoding an acidophilic endo-[beta]-1,4-xylanase obtained from Aspergillus niger CGMCC1067 and constitutive expression in Pichia pastoris.
It has a few intensely acidophilic globular gland cells randomly interspersed with poorly staining, heavily granular cells.
are considered crucial for the initiation and progression of dental caries as they have shown by their more acidogenic and acidophilic properties than those of other oral bacteria (Asokan, Emmadi, & Chamundeswari, 2009).
Evaluation of native acidophilic algae species as potential indicators of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) soil contamination.