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make sour or more sour

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This may explain the chemical transformation of Cd in calcareous soil treated with the two P-containing acidify agents.
The ASS-affected water used to acidify seawater in Experiments 1 and 2 was collected from Fernbank Creek, an acidified tributary of the Hastings River.
Bleach doesn't acidify water, but it does kill bacteria.
As a result of advice at the support group, I've increased my daily Vitamin C intake to 3-4000 mg in order to acidify my urine and avoid infections.
This study has expanded examination of the ability of different types of oral bacteria to acidify fissure pH and use of CaviStat, an arginine bicarbonate/calcium carbonate complex, to counter such acidity.
In order to acidify the soil prior to planting, make sure you work in lots of compost.
The only thing I could recommend is to brush the casts away when dry and apply lawn sand to acidify the soil.
If you must plant a pin oak in an alkaline enviromnent, acidify the soil before planting.
Investigators are examining LAB that have the capacity to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that negatively affect the quality of barley, malt or beer; that are able to acidify (unhopped) sweet wort; and that have the metabolic capacity to reduce the level of unused proteins which may otherwise cause haze to form in beer.
Others might arise when stomach juices acidify vegetable compounds.
The longest-lasting solution is to correct watering practices (if necessary) or to acidify the soil with sulfur.