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the process of becoming acid or being converted into an acid

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Known as ocean acidification, this process makes it difficult for shellfish, corals and other marine organisms to grow, reproduce and build their shells and skeletons.
Ocean acidification the increase in seawater acidity caused by increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has the potential to fundamentally change the ocean, its habitats, food webs and marine life.
As recently reported by The Register-Guard's Diane Dietz, Pacific Northwest oyster growers understand all too well the effects of ocean acidification and its connection to climate change.
The acidification affects the coral's ability to produce its calcium-carbonate skeleton.
The data was used to validate a predictive model for the region that calculates the change over time in the amount of calcium and carbonate ions dissolved in seawater, an important indicator of ocean acidification.
KEY WORDS: ocean acidification, temperature, mussels, Mytilus coruscus, byssus, antipredation
The research team also looked at the coupled effects of acidification together with a process called eutrophication, which is when the sea becomes enriched with nutrients like fertiliser and which can encourage harmful algae.
The Chesapeake Bay Oyster is now potentially entering its newest fight in what could prove to be an epic battle against ocean acidification.
A second study--this one involving catsharks--linked ocean acidification with unusual nighttime behavior and found that higher carbon dioxide levels spurred sharks to swim continuously for long periods of time during the night, rather than in their typical short bursts.
Scientists have long suspected that ocean acidification caused the crisis-similar to today, as manmade CO2 combines with seawater to change its chemistry.
Oslo: The world's oceans are under greater threat than previously believed from a "deadly trio" of global warming, declining oxygen levels and acidification, an international study said on Thursday.
Knowing that we are faced with this enormous problem of rising carbon dioxide levels and ocean chemistry changes, we at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have partnered with The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International on a global search for the world's most resilient reefs--reefs that have the best chance of surviving future climate change and ocean acidification.
As a result, this isolated bay offers a chilling view of the future of the seas under ocean acidification.
Zahiri said that gas production capacity of phases 4 and 5 of South Pars gas field has risen by 35mcf, adding that the extra gas output has been yielded by acidification of the 4th well of South Pars phase four.