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Researchers have found that patients with the metabolic syndrome tend to have highly acidic urine, which increases the risk of developing kidney stones.
1] Various clinical conditions promote acidic urine, including chronic diarrhea, excessive purine intake and gouty diathesis (idiopathic low urine pH).
A Dogs have acidic urine, which can burn grass if it's always done on the same patch, so you must train him to go further afield.
People with type 2 (non--insulin-dependent) diabetes have highly acidic urine, a metabolic feature that explains their greater risk for developing uric acid kidney stones, according to a study at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.
The problem: All the protein that Atkins recommends leads to acidic urine.
A strongly acidic urine may also result from accidental contamination of the collection vessel.
Larger people have very acidic urine even when they control their diets," said Dr.