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a blood disorder characterized by an increased concentration of hydrogen ions in the blood (which falls below 7 on the pH scale)

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Cambridge, Massachusetts-based messenger RNA therapeutics (mRNA) and vaccines developer Moderna Therapeutics has published preclinical data supporting its first rare liver disease development program, an mRNA therapeutic for methylmalonic acidemia (MMA), the company said.
We also have reasonable data showing us that patients with category III tracings have a high risk of acidemia and morbidity.
Otros estudios han reportado una asociacion entre el conteo elevado de globulos rojos nucleados en el cordon umbilical, acidemia intrauterina, complicaciones perinatales a corto plazo y alteraciones neurologicas a largo plazo (6,7).
Otros hallazgos inespecificos son la presencia de leucocitosis y neutrofilia, elevacion de los reactantes de fase aguda como la proteina C reactiva y la eritrosedimentacion globular, acidemia metabolica, entre otros (3).
Methylmalonic acidemia (MMA) is one member of a heterogeneous group of autosomal recessive inborn errors of metabolism known as organic acidemias/acidurias.
pulmonary emboli), (2) elevated left atrial pressure (mitral stenosis), (3) thickening of pulmonary arterial and arteriolar walls (scleroderma), (4) derangement and destruction of alveolar walls with damage to pulmonary capillaries in proximity (interstitial lung disease), (5) left-to right shunting increasing blood flow in the pulmonary circulation (congenital cardiac anomalies), and (6) pulmonary vasoconstriction caused by hypoxemia, hypercapnia, and acidemia (COPD).
La acidemia glutarica tipo 1 (AG-1) fue descrita por Goodman y colaboradores, citados por Nyhan (1), en 1975; se reconocen dos fenotipos clinicos, a saber: la forma aguda con manifestaciones neurologicas posteriores a crisis metabolicas, y formas de progresion lenta con pocas manifestaciones.
Mimickers of zinc deficiency include biotinidase deficiency, methylmalonic acidemia, propionic acidemia, maple syrup urine disease, citrullinemia, and ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency.
Alyssa has Propionic Acidemia, which means she must live on an extremely low-protein diet because even small amounts of protein could lead to brain damage.
I came away from the weekend with extreme gratitude to Children's National Medical Center, (Section of Genetics & Metabolism,) FOD Family Support Group and Organic Acidemia Association for hosting and planning the conference.
Age at symptom onset predicts severity of motor impairment and clinical outcome of glutaric acidemia type 1.
Gaucher Disease, Maple Syrup Urine Disease, Pompe Disease, Galactosemia, Phenylketonuria, Methylmalonic Acidemia, Urea Cycle Defects, Hurler Syndrome, Hunter Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Edward Syndrome and Patau Syndrome are just some of the rare diseases now identified in the Philippines.
Among these are Gaucher Disease, Maple Syrup Urine Disease, Pompe Disease, Galactosemia, Phenylketonuria, Methylmalonic Acidemia, Urea Cycle Defects, Hurler Syndrome, Hunter Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Edward Syndrome, and Patau Syndrome.
trapeziformis and related species thrive in iron-rich, acidic environments and are known to particularly affect individuals with underlying diabetes mellitus, hematological malignancy, iron overload, or acidemia (abnormal blood acidity).
This edition reflects changes in the field, such as the increased evidence on the importance of inflammatory, oxidative, and carbonyl stress, and the greater prevalence and severity of obesity and its clinical consequences; therapeutic strategies for obesity treatment in regard to chronic kidney disease prevention and treatment; the nutritional management of people receiving chronic renal replacement therapy; and methods for slowing the progression of chronic renal disease, including the prevention of acidemia, phosphorous control, the reduction of potentially toxic metabolites of tryptophan, the regulation of serum lipids, and the therapeutic role of low protein diets.