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yielding an acid in aqueous solution

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Keep in mind that acidic foods are not the same as acid-forming foods.
Urea is least suspected to cause soil acidity compared to the more familiar acid-forming ammonium fertilizers such as Ammonium Sulphate [6, 7].
With the help of proprietary microbes that take away some of the volatile fatty acids produced by the acid-forming bacteria, there is less chance that this "digester" will turn sour and stop working.
A GOUT is effectively the build up of uric acid and the avoidance of acidic and acid-forming foods and drinks is crucial.
Why is it, then, that we're more dependent than ever on power plants that destabilize the global climate, keep us dependent on precarious supplies of imported oil, and spew acid-forming pollutants over our forests, lakes and rivers?
The acid-forming process within paper begins when water molecules in the air react with the ends of the cellulose chains exposed at the surface.
When we eat too many acid-forming foods, such as sugars, carbohydrates, processed foods and too much protein, it tends to lower our pH to a level where harmful organisms can flourish unhindered.
According to the food experts there are acid-forming types which weaken teeth, neutrals foods and those that actively fight tooth decay.
This is particularly true in regions where soils lack the buffering capacity to readily absorb and neutralize additional acid-forming compounds.
To promote the growth of the lactic acid-forming bacteria, you need to keep the inoculated milk between the temperatures of 70[deg.
natural gas; Distillation of hydrocarbon oils; Thermal non-catalytic cracking, in the absence of hydrogen, of hydrocarbon oils; Catalytic cracking, in the absence of hydrogen, of hydrocarbon oils; Cracking of hydrocarbon oils by electric means, electromagnetic or mechanical vibrations, by particle radiation or with gases superheated in electric arcs; Refining of hydrocarbon oils, in the absence of hydrogen, with acids, acid-forming compounds, or acid-containing liquids, e.
Herbal muscle relaxants such as Skullcap, circulatory support, like Gingko, anti-inflammatories such as turmeric and avoiding certain acid-forming foods can help to slow deterioration.
Many natural health practitioners encourage people to follow a diet that includes 80% alkaline-forming foods (primarily fruits and vegetables) and 20% acid-forming foods (meats, sugar, caffeine, beans, dairy, and grains) in order to keep body terrain on the alkaline side.
Our diets and lifestyles make an acid-forming diet easy to choose.
THE total avoidance of acidic and acid-forming foods and drinks is crucial.