acid test

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a rigorous or crucial appraisal

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According to The Telegraph, India is going to be the acid test.
One of the most important advances in the organic acid test is the addition of a biochemical marker, tiglylglycine, as a specific indicator for mitochondrial dysfunction.
The nucleic acid test agents are quite sensitive and can detect the DNA and RNA of various viruses through blood screening.
Acid Test calls to establish more marine protected areas, employ sustainable fishing practices and warns we must emit less C[O.
The agreement between the companies expands on an earlier collaboration to create a new form of nucleic acid tests.
Pam Lee, regional director for Business in the Community, said: "Through sessions such as the Acid Test, companies can learn at first hand how they can reap the wide-ranging benefits of being a responsible employer who understands the needs of the community, be that regionally, nationally or internationally.
The movie version of ``Perfume'' will put that proposition to the acid test (in America anyway; it's already grossed nearly $100 million overseas).
The acid test is simply one question: "Absent government interference, would the market support ethanol?
I suppose it will now be the acid test to see how far we have actually come as a team.
As shown in the graph, the BASF/Q-Sun Acid Test demonstrates excellent correlation to Jacksonville.
The acid test of the A6's dashboard controls, or Multi-Media Interface, was to operate it without having to thumb through the manual.
While the Bio-Bus may evoke images of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters Psychedelic Bus and the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, the Hot Buttered Rum String Band has a more sober vision.
At first glance, the world's largest company's acid test ratio of 0.
Nor is he blind to Lee's faults--surely the acid test of a professional historian
ABERDEEN Olympian Steph Forrester knows Sunday's ITU World Cup race will provide the acid test for her comeback.