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carbonated drink with fruit syrup and a little phosphoric acid

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6a) showed the pattern of amorphous calcium phosphate with the presence of some acid phosphate (870 [cm.
There's sloe gin, dubbonet, a rare and intense creme de cassis, plus oak, vanilla, cinnamon and acid phosphate to mimic the tannins in wine.
These baking powders were largely made from acid phosphate of lime, and if properly made it contained little or no sulphate of lime, but for cheapness people used sulphuric acid to manufacture it, which gave rise to a large amount of sulphate of lime, 50 to 60 per cent in the worst cases.
Arun Wagh, a former materials engineer at Argonne National Lab, and lead developer of the technologies underlying EonCoat ceramics, explained it like this, "When a dual-component spray gun mixes an acid phosphate with base minerals and metal oxides in a water slurry, a chemical reaction occurs on the surface of the steel substrate.
33 were nano-sized amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) containing varying amounts of acid phosphate and carbonate.