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Describes the development of an affordable precision hybrid glass-polymer achromatic lens fabricated by microinjection molding.
The all-glass achromatic lens eliminates color distortion, and the wide viewing field of the 5 x 24 mm finder scope helps us locate objects easily.
One day, while browsing in the Charles Frank shop in Edinburgh, I found a secondhand 40mm achromatic lens.
Although instrument-makers like Culpepper and Cuff made beautiful equipment, the real improvement in the microscope came with the invention of the achromatic lens.
After Newton had given up the idea of an achromatic lens, he concentrated on his invention, the reflecting telescope, recognizing quite correctly that in a reflecting telescope, light was focused independent of wavelength.
5-inch (90-mm) achromatic lens with a focal length of 910 mm (f/10), this refractor is shipped with a German equatorial mount (motor drive optional) and an adjustable aluminum tripod.