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having no hue


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The figures of the European Color Report 2017 reveal that achromatic colors are still the most popular.
Patrick Boyd (UK) also uses video capture to create his animated stereograms, in his Morris Dancers series shown as achromatic reflection holograms.
Do flower naive Manduca sexta sphinx moths forage using chromatic or achromatic vision to select a potential feeding source?
Simulcheck uses the Minimum Achromatic Contrast task to measure [L.
An achromatic lens is one that does not disperse, or break apart incident light rays into constituent colours.
2006); (ii) alterations in cortical receptive fields of single cells and hypercomplex selective visual spatial orientation (Medina, Krahe, & Ramoa, 2005); and (iii) alterations in visual processing of chromatic and achromatic stimuli (Castro et al.
The microscope's capabilities leverage several key technologies, including high-power, broadly tunable QCLs; large-format uncooled infrared cameras; and mid-infrared achromatic refractive objectives.
It's an obstreperous subject for most of us as without it we wouldn't be here, yet puts us in an onerous position to give a view that is impartial and achromatic.
An achromatic lens and advanced iris gives a sharp-edged and uniform spot.
Abstract In the present study, attempts were made to develop an index of geometric appearance capable of accurately predicting and quantifying the visually perceived geometric aspects of appearance of achromatic automotive finishes.
The heart of the instrument is a reflective grating positioned behind an oversized achromatic doublet.
In 1824 the world's largest achromatic telescope of that time was installed and Friedrich von Struve started further observations from Tartu.
Take a look at the way the bark's corky ridges create crisp areas of light and shadow evocative of those sharp, achromatic photographs of the lunar landscape.
A large aperture achromatic doublet like the instrument employed by Greenacre and Barr is remarkably ill-suited for assessing any 'delicate' colour phenomena.
Achromatic colors such as silver, black, gray, and white still dominate automotive markets in North and South America and Europe.