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Morrow MJ, Black HL Epidural anaesthesia for caesarean section in an achondroplastic dwarf.
The muscles of achondroplastic patients were swollen at the beginning of distraction, lost their clear contours, and the muscle fibers did not have a marked orientation.
Dr Stock told the court that achondroplastic dwarves tended to suffer from breathing difficulties and had trouble with their neck vertebrae.
Anesthesia for an achondroplastic dwarf with bilateral vocal cord granuloma: Use of a Xomed Hunsaker Mon-Jet ventilation tube.
Best described this way--a beautiful, inflated achondroplastic dwarf.
I got a case of Klippel-Feil syndrome with achondroplasia, dwarfism, and achondroplastic thoracic cage and found that the neck was broken.
He is also part of a group studying the problems of achondroplastic children and has particular interest in cervico-medullary compression and its treatment.