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He achieves all 10 reps in succession and records this in the "Reps Achieved" column in the table.
Unlike smooth-bore machines, the force-fed grooved section reportedly achieves 85-95% melting of pellets after 7-9 in.
While I will return to this point later, it is quite clear to me that if we want to achieve and sustain major improvements in inflation at modest costs, we are going to have to do much better on the productivity front than has been our recent history.
Solumina Production Control Packaged Composite Application Achieves "SAP[R] xApps[TM] Certified" Status
Hasler achieves this by improving its products, processes, methods and work environment to ensure each customer is receiving the highest quality product and service at the committed cost and on time.
The company has now built on its success in that area with structural optimization that has achieved a device supporting higher X-band frequencies and that achieves the highest power output yet obtained by a GaN power FET operating at 9.
The eighth-grade scholarships will be granted by DeVry University regardless of the student's subsequent performance on the 10th-grade WASL as long as the student achieves the requirements for high school graduation.
We are committed to helping Pearsall ISD meet its goal of attaining reliable power supply at a price that achieves budget certainty.
New customer achieves 50% increase in net income in first year of PROS implementation.
Thoughtmill Achieves Capability Maturity Model(R) Integration (CMMI) Level 2
The science run opportunity achieves results for our users and early return on investment by stabilizing the hardware, perfecting CHAOS and Lustre and optimizing scheduling and operation of the cluster.
SpeechWorks will work with each customer to ensure that their speech application achieves the highest Speech IQ possible.
Joining Canon's Bubble Jet printer line as a six-color printer, the S820D printer achieves 49 levels of color gradation for smoother transition between colors and almost no graininess achieving true photo quality prints.
Termed Total Optimization Physical Synthesis(TM) (TOPS(TM)), this new technology achieves two fundamental milestones in physical synthesis: the full automation of the physical synthesis flow and the ability to perform precise physical placement of logic.
The SDPD methodology is the only design methodology that moves critical physical details to early planning stages -- enabling a top-down constraint-driven approach that achieves predictable design closure much earlier than possible with previous methods.
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