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Synonyms for achiever



Synonyms for achiever

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Due to demand for the chance to nominate 19 to 25-year-olds, a new category has been introduced - The Young Adult Achiever.
Black Achievers is a real community of people dedicated to having fun and making new friends," Moore added.
LOCAL companies are being invited to enter the annual Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards.
Deborah Cairns, Green Achiever operations manager at E4environment, said: "Everyone's talking about the Government's environmental policies.
Achievers already on the wall include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, musician Bob Marley, Dame Kelly Holmes and Liverpool boxer John Conteh.
The Young Learner award went to Callum Lee, from Penshaw, Sunderland, the Personal Achiever award to Almamy Abass, from Consett, and the Adult Achiever award to Tim Miller, from Sunderland.
The scene is played over every Saturday, between one and four in the afternoon at the Katutura Multipurpose Youth and Resource Centre, where this group of Young Achievers meets.
The Achiever contains news and information about and from public and private organizations for the reader's information.
Accordingly, students in low performing schools are provided the choice of transferring to high performing schools (The Achiever, 2002b).
Winning the Chronicle's Young Achiever undergraduate award encouraged Chris McCabe to continue mentoring students who are doubtful about entering further education.
Categories include young sports achiever, young disabled sports achiever, coach and volunteer of the year.
One achiever, Andrea, went from college to graduate school to a professional career.
The book divides this path, or arc, into three segments: The rise of ambition, the initial dream of an individual, and the courage and the per severance exercised in pursuit of that dream; the apex of one's ambition to build some organization larger than oneself; and the decline of ambition, when every achiever must cope with his or her hardest challenges.
Scheele identifies six distinct skills necessary to reach the status of the achiever.
At this third Daily Mirror Youth Achievers Ball we will award four young people with the Champion Achiever's title for the brave resilience they have shown during the most difficult of times.
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