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the organic group of acetic acid (CH3CO-)

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The acetyl group at C-2 or C-3 of the xylose residues in the backbone is deacetylated by AXE, with the efficiency of the enzymatic reaction increasing with decreasing length of the xylose backbone (Biely et al.
Hence, it was thought pertinent to examine whether TAase of mycobacteria utilizing PA(s) as a donor of acetyl group could be culminating in the acetylation of mycobacterial CYPs.
In African yambean starch, acetylation induced both a decrease and an increase in paste viscosity depending on the percentage of acetyl group in the starch.
Schibler's group also found that SIRT1 is involved in removing acetyl groups from another clock component, a protein called PER2.
Calreticulin mediated acetylation system that uses polyphenolic acetates and acetyl CoA as acetyl group donating molecules demonstrated recently adds a new dimension to the acetylation dependent regulation of cellular responses to induced stress, which can be used to enhance the therapeutic gain.
Ask each acetyl group to join with an oxaloacetate group.
Since the water molecule is smaller than the acetyl group, some swelling can occur in "completely acetylated wood," but swelling does not exceed the elastic limit of the cell wall.
In 1947 Lipmann (see 1941) was able to isolate a substance that was essential to the transfer of the acetyl group from one compound to another.
Moreover, the above investigation also highlights the purification regime of singly and doubly acetylated products on RP-HPLC using a shallow gradient, though the difference between two species, in the case of acetyl group, is of 43 Da.
The chemical variation, known as acetylation because it adds an acetyl group to an existing molecule, is a kind of "decoration" that goes on and off a protein -- in this case, the protein Sip2 -- much like an ornament can be put on and taken off a Christmas tree, Boeke says.
The formulation also contains an anti-soil redeposition component that prevents resoiling of hydrophilic fibers and hydrophobic fibers when coexisting with said inorganic salt, which is a water-soluble polymer substance of a nonionic system including at least one species selected from the group consisting of an acetyl group, methoxy group, hydroxypropyl group, and poly-oxy propylene group as the hydrophobic group, and including a hydroxyl group as the hydrophilic group.
The anti-inflammatory activity increased with a higher number of acetyl group.
Our previous studies demonstrated that diabetic hyperglycemia causes increased activity of several enzymes involved in glucose-derived acetyl group metabolism in platelets, such as hexokinase, PDH, and ACL (11).