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the organic group of acetic acid (CH3CO-)

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Due to AYGG with large molecular structure, steric hindrance of acetyl group and electron-rich repulsion between acetyl group of LZ-2 and carboxyl and nitro groups of AYGG resulted in lower adsorption capacity for AYGG, suggesting excessive modification on MARs may hamper the adsorption.
In African yambean starch, acetylation induced both a decrease and an increase in paste viscosity depending on the percentage of acetyl group in the starch.
Schibler's group also found that SIRT1 is involved in removing acetyl groups from another clock component, a protein called PER2.
Calreticulin mediated acetylation system that uses polyphenolic acetates and acetyl CoA as acetyl group donating molecules demonstrated recently adds a new dimension to the acetylation dependent regulation of cellular responses to induced stress, which can be used to enhance the therapeutic gain.
Discuss with students that the carbon atoms left behind belong to two acetyl groups (acetyl being an older term for "ethanoyl," meaning a two-carbon chemical group).
Table 1 shows the stability of acetyl groups in pine and aspen flakes to cyclic exposure to 30 and 90 percent relative humidity (RH) (3 months at 30% RH, followed by 3 months at 90% RH).
1] was corresponding to the absorption of the Carbonyl in its acetyl group.
Lack of an t-carnitine effect on platelet acetyl-CoA in the absence of glucose indicates that only acetyl groups synthesized in the PDH reaction are available for carnitine acetyltransferase-dependent transport through the mitochondrial membrane (Table 3).
Two acetyl groups on ring B and also the double bond on ring D of limonoid 1 play an important role in the antimalarial activity.
The reaction starts from an attack of the oxygen atom of the acetyl group of acylated diamine on the carbon atom of the carbonyl group of the anhydride.
Although the detailed biological mechanisms remain to be investigated, the mutation alters an enzyme involved in a process called N-terminal acetylation, in which one end of a protein is modified by the addition of a chemical called an acetyl group.
The most potent Cimicifuga component tested was 25-acetyl-7,8-didehydrocimigenol 3-O-[beta]-D-xylopyranoside, which has an acetyl group at position C-25.
The most popular analytical methods are based on the enzymatic reaction in which an acetyl group is transferred from acetyl-CoA to carnitine with release of free CoA (2).
In the new study, Sassone-Corsi's group shows that SIRT1 indeed acts as tick to CLOCK's tock, removing an acetyl group from histones and also from CLOCK's partner, BMAL1.
By deacetylating (removing an acetyl group from) histones, HDACs appear to promote tighter winding of DNA around histone proteins, which leads to reduced access by gene transcription factors.