acetic acid

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Then 3% acetic acid was applied to cervix with the help of cotton swab and observed for acetowhite changes for one minute.
It was ultimately dropped from the final lure formulation, which contains acetoin, methionol, acetic acid, and ethanol.
Meanwhile, in bleaching, trypan blue staining method used lactophenol (mixture of lactic acid, glycerol, phenol and distilled water) as bleaching solution, but the improved ink-acetic acid staining method 5 (Percent) acetic acid.
The membrane was difficult to swell in acetic acid at the aggregation state, while water molecules are smaller than acetic acid and enters more easily into the membrane; (4) Some negative values were obtained possibly because the catalyst and uncross-linked liquid of the membrane diffused into the solvent.
The firm also started in August pre-commissioning its carbon monoxide plant which will provide feedstock for the production of acetic acid and other products.
The label of the acetic acid states "NOT TO BE TAKEN" but does not state that it is solely for external use.
This indicated tolerance of the isolate to acidic conditions and ability to produce organic acids from alcohol, thereby proving its affiliation to the acetic acid bacteria group.
The inoculated almonds were treated with sterile water (5% w/w) or 10% acetic acid solution for 2 minutes.
Two types of iontophoresis were compared: dexamethasone and acetic acid.
The VAM plant will receive acetic acid, a key raw material, from a 600,000 metric ton acetic acid plant in Nanjing, which will begin commercial sales in early 2007.
Vinegar is typically three to five percent by volume acetic acid, and natural vinegars also contain smaller amounts of tartaric acid, citric acid, and others.
Radiofrequency thermal ablation of three or fewer hepatocellular carcinoma nodules less than 3 cm in size produces significantly longer survival than either ethanol or acetic acid injections, according to the results of two separate randomized trials.