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Synonyms for acerbic

Synonyms for acerbic

having a noticeably sharp pungent taste or smell

having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids

Synonyms for acerbic

sour or bitter in taste

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Kentley (Sir Cedric Hardwicke); Janet Walker (Joan Chandler), an acerbically witty young woman who is, in addition to being Brandon and Philip's "chum," David's fiancee; Kenneth Lawrence (Douglas Dick), once Janet's fiance and David's former best friend and his schoolmate along with Brandon and Phillip; Mrs.
He then continued acerbically, "Let's be frank here.
Yet you want to play cricket with them," he said acerbically.
Forster's narrator comments acerbically on this artificial selection:
However, as he acerbically recalls a dinner party from two years previously, he comes to appreciate an uncomfortable truth about his social circle.
Neil McLynn thus acerbically notes that "there is no evidence that the bishop's disquisitions upon [the contrast between the "unbelieving, ungentle and sacrilegious woman of the synagogue" and the "spotless virgin of the church"] were complicated by actual contact with or even consciousness of the local Jewish community.
Mda's Madonna of Excelsior acerbically revisits the same fascination and its aftermath in the new dispensation.
Let's consider his biting humor and universal acerbically witty way of looking at things.
As often as not, she was more inclined to criticize her female contemporaries and praise, if acerbically, their male counterparts.
He quite acerbically accuses his colleagues of teaching theory rather than literature:
This position would seem to overlook several of the more acerbically cynical "meditations" such as (on The egalitarian society) (AROBI:3; AROB2:3):
Quite unexpectedly, The Inspector of Houses shows up and scolds Niggle acerbically for neglecting to help Parish repair his leaky roof.
But this challenge to the narrative at the trial stirred a number of objections, among them one by Norman Podhoretz who acerbically argued, "In the place of the monstrous Nazi, she gives us the 'banal' Nazi; in the place of the Jew as a virtuous martyr, she gives us the Jew as accomplice in evil; and in the place of the confrontation of guilt and innocence, she gives us the 'collaboration' of criminal and victim" (Young-Bruehl 2004, 347; see also Elon 2006).
Officials in New Delhi were justified in reacting acerbically to Western critics of its policy.
He wrote too acerbically about what he saw as the excessive Jewish and Israeli influence on U.