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Synonyms for acerbic

Synonyms for acerbic

having a noticeably sharp pungent taste or smell

having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids

Synonyms for acerbic

sour or bitter in taste

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Wipeout: Charlie Brooker takes a typically acerbic look back at 2010.
The show went into damage control last night, with Cowell - known for his acerbic comments in talent shows in both the UK and US - and a series producer denying that he had heard what Richardson said.
Tonight, CBS will air a medical drama featuring a brilliant, acerbic and prickly doctor who doesn't get along particularly well with his patients.
A salute to the declining art of the review, this collection brings together some of Australian criticism's most acerbic commentary on literature, film, music, theatre, architecture and the visual arts.
Love Hurts offers the listener a comic Steve Almond story about a blind date gone right, a brilliant Arthur Miller coming-of-age tale about an adolescent boy who purchases his first puppy and has his first sexual experience on the same day, a touching vignette by Pamela Painter of a woman reading to her dying husband, and a canny, acerbic glimpse of a new Olympic sport as invented by Ron Carlson: dining out with one's ex and pretending not to care.
Pushing love songs aside, Burt gets topical, targeting street violence and corrupt politicians, but even with assistance from acerbic new wave vet Tonio K.
Moulitsas, for instance, is only able to fund his SportsBlog network because of his huge (400,000 page views a day) and intensely loyal partisan audience, which responds to his acerbic, distinctive lefty voice and enables him to make a good living selling advertisements through BlogAds.
While I do generally enjoy the humor in Thrasher and it has been especially delightful and acerbic with Phelps at the helm.
True, Lennon's humour was notoriously acerbic even by Liverpool standards but much of his work speaks volumes of John's compassion.
Sekula's slide show is a subtly layered, suitably acerbic, post-9/11 elegy that documents the artist's pilgrimage to the hometown of Mark Twain--America's "original anti-imperialist," according to Sekula's statement, "conveniently mis-remembered as a 'humorist' and chronicler of lost boyhood.
Hunter S Thompson, the acerbic counterculture writer who popularised a new form of fictional journalism in books like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, fatally shot himself last night at his Aspen-area home, his son said.
Now, if that isn't enough to infuriate true believers, the acerbic critic has more put-downs for black athletic "knot-heads" and "imbecilic" Farrakanians and Sharptonites.
I wonder if Chatterjee or any rationalist would have been as illogically acerbic about MT if she had been an ordinary woman without religious affiliations.
The Brooklyn-born son of Russian immigrants was one of the so-called Borscht Belt comics who in trademark acerbic delivery, cigar in hand, would gripe about the trials of everyday life.