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lacking a head or a clearly defined head

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In contrast with precolonial agrarian states such as the Buganda, Toro, or Ankole kingdoms in contemporary Uganda, their political organization was relatively egalitarian in nature, in many cases eschewing even the appointment of chiefs in favour of councils of elders, as was the case for many relatively acephalous groups in western Kenya (Sutton, 1976).
After the colonial era, some of the acephalous groups have created new leadership systems in an attempt to regain power over the territory.
Within the tradition of Ibn Khaldun's Muqaddimah and the descriptions of the tribal solidarity or asabiyah and later Evans-Pritchard, and his close colleague at Cambridge, Ernest Gellner, Ahmed discusses the acephalous (headless), segmentary lineage system as the genealogical and structural basis of clan and subclan units of affiliation and balanced opposition found in many of these tribes.
The anticipation was that the multiplexes, through heterodox approaches, would create a more acephalous cinematic space, where commercial and art-house could coexist under the banner of a 'meritocracy'.
One of the unexpected effects of this process has been the creation of an acephalous and unstructured community of young people around or under the age of 30 (the so-called "children of Revolution," born after 1979, who represent about the 70% of the whole population), (6) used to communicating through the Internet.
50) Though it did not participate at first in the largely acephalous, non-partisan and youth-dominated protests, the Brotherhood turned up in force on January 28, the third consecutive Friday march in Amman.
Apart from the stratified Brunei and Iranun coastal societies, indigenous peoples of northern Borneo were classless acephalous societies, not chieftainships.
Selden's article reevaluates the ancient novel as the product not of a single author, but rather of an acephalous, autopoetic network of 'textualizers':
Political development and local authority In the past, the Nuba existed as an acephalous community.
Sejiq groups were egalitarian and acephalous, without permanent positions of political power.
Pre-colonial society was essentially acephalous and the stories express the memory of this autochtonous form of segmentary society.
Scattered all over (H)mong society and throughout different dialects and tribal subgroups, the multi-local (H)mong clans are acephalous (lacking a head) inasmuch as the (H)mong have no traditional leadership.
What important part of the body is missing in an acephalous creature?
They reorganized in ways that would secure invisibility: designing horizontal and egalitarian social arrangements to avoid the concentration of power and the resulting tendency for state-making, living in acephalous and loosely integrated communities that became ungraspable to state representatives.
On the other hand a robust majority of readers, their habits formed perhaps on the Africanizing backbeat of blues and rock, look to the end and read the line iambically with the acephalous catalexis of a premised initial slack.