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not centered or having no center

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Back in 1980, as philosopher Guido Cusinato observes, Deleuze and Guattari proposed a liberal, acentric organization of knowledge, rejecting the traditional tree-like model of rationality, and proposing a rhizomatic net of interactions among various points of knowledge and experience.
For the acentric factor of the gas mixture, virtual critical parameters are introduced.
Yaws presents students, academics, and professionals working in the field with the second edition of his comprehensive handbook on the critical properties, thermal expansion, surface tension, radius of gyration, enthalpy of fusion, enthalpy of vaporization, dipole moment, density, isothermal compressibility, acentric factor, and other thermophysical properties of more than 10,000 hydrocarbons and other chemicals.
Their stasis must largely be blamed on the museum's decision to provide electricity to historically active artworks for absurdly brief spans (one minute on the hour, three minutes on the half hour, fifteen seconds every ten minutes, and so forth; the happy exceptions were the recently refabricated version of Spoerri's 1959 Auto-Theater and the still-functioning but glitchy 1962 Acentric Structure by Gianni Colombo).
Micronuclei (the name means 'small nucleus') are cytoplasmic bodies having a portion of acentric chromosome or whole chromosome which was not carried to the opposite poles during the anaphase.
MN arises from acentric chromosome fragments or chromosomes which are not incorporated into daughter nuclei during mitosis (25).
It is deemed that the single chromosome was included when the following structural aberration existed: chromosome/chromatide break, acentric fragment, ring fragment, minute, acentric ring, ring chromosome, marker chromosome.
In her role as ventura, Morgana acts as the arbitress of the series of chances (venture) of which acentric romance narrative is composed.
While we grapple with the acentric character and narrative, we confront an epistemological impasse or dilemma in unraveling the tangled threads laid bare through the path of Jim's escape or existential flight because the incessantly slipped signifier of the character propagates countless and indefinite numbers of interpretative possibilities.
MN can be formed from acentric chromosomal fragments which arise as a result of chromosome breaks after clastogenic effect or whole chromosomes that do not migrate during anaphase as a result of aneugenic affects (Heddle et al.
The nucleus is acentric and appears drawn to the cortex at the site of a band (Fig.
Micronucleus (MN) occurs acentric chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes during mitotic cell division and as small additional nuclei, appears in the cytoplasm of interphasic cells (11).
I used the endonuclease I-CreI to generate acentric chromosomes in Drosophila larvae.
The problem that arises asks: what is the best way to analyze something that by its very nature does not belong to a subject, is acentric, and has no direct connection to any specific origin?
damage to the chromosomes, fragments lagging in the course of anaphase or lagging acentric chromosomes or cytoplasmic chromatin-containing bodies are failed to be incorporated into daughter nuclei (clastogenesis), results in the development of micronuclei in red blood cells (Sharaf et al.