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the ace in the spade suit

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Whatever the name or platform, the squadron could always be identified by the legendary Ace of Spades insignia.
Fans chanted Lemmy's name and posed for photographs with the statue after it was unveiled, as Motorhead's most recognised song, Ace Of Spades, was played loudly over the bar's sound system.
According to the band's website, Taylor quit in February 1984 after the band recorded a version of Ace Of Spades for the television series The Young Ones.
Like the Ace of Spades, it should be fished on a very long leader, allowed to sink to the bottom and again retrieved slowly with occasional little twitchy movements.
Among the tunes the 35-year-old from Cannon Park played on his ukelele was a cover of Motorhead's Ace of Spades, which was later belted out by the rockers themselves on the Pyramid stage.
Over at The Tunnels, noisy duo Everythingwesayisfact thundered through a heavy set of riffs, shouting and pounding drums, culminating in a cover of Ace of Spades.
The Ace of Spades programme will run until 26 September 2013.
Known for belting out their most famous song Ace of Spades, a polystyrene figure of the rock frontman is about to go on public display in Olympic cultural celebrations of Welsh icons.
If you hadn't heard of Armand de Brignac or Ace of Spades Champagne before, then this week's PR coup, the supposed [pounds sterling] 200,000 bar tab in Liverpool, has put the brand firmly on the chavmap.
Bumper-packed with hits from Ace Of Spades, Overkill, We Are Motorhead, The Chase Is Better Than The Catch and Stay Clean, this double CD proves their musical prowess, while the live DVD is superb, featuring excerpts from their New York and Manchester 2011 gigs and interviews.
The Ace of Spades as the square of Ben Ali's wife Leila Trabelsi, the former Interior Minister Abdallah Kallel ace of clubs and ace of hearts as a former Interior Minister Habib Ammar.
Patterns: Black Fritz, Ace of Spades, Humongous, Viva.
n Take a pack of cards and secretly remember which card was at the bottom, let's say the ace of spades.
It appears that Sweden's Frisk can often be seen sharing a few stories with Lemmy, pictured right, in the Ace Of Spades band's tour bus.
Opener Runaround Man sounds like Chas & Dave at a heavy metal karaoke night, Rock Out is so similar to Ace Of Spades that Lemmy should sue himself, and the likes of Teach You How To Sing The Blues and One Short Life teeter precariously on the brink of ZZ Top territory.