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containing, relating to, or involving an accusation

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specifically indicating a form of prosecution in which one is publicly accused of and tried for a crime and in which the judge is not also the prosecutor

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statutory purpose and general words to find that the accusatorial system
In holding that the Due Process Clause bars police procedure which violates the basic notions of our accusatorial mode of prosecuting crime and vitiates a conviction based on the fruits of such procedure, we apply the Due Process Clause to its historic function of assuring appropriate procedure before liberty is curtailed or life is taken.
In the latter instance, it is often used interchangeably with an old expression of continental European origin, accusatorial procedure.
Part I elaborates on the breadth of discretion afforded police and prosecutors in their pretrial activities, and presents the standard accusatorial explanation.
We don't want it to be an accusatorial hearing," said Rivera, adding that Napoles will name three more senators during her appearance at the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.
100) In El Salvador--where institutional reforms have perhaps been the most extensive-- USAID has supported the establishment of informal justice centers that provide community- level mediation and dispute resolution, and the transformation of the judicial process from a written, inquisitorial system to an oral, accusatorial system, among other efforts.
At one point, the Canadian pop star even called his lady love a 'talentless p***y' after receiving a series of accusatorial messages from the former Disney star.
I do think in this sexenio [six-year term], if this government pushes very hard to clean up the cops, make this transition in the justice system from a written system to an accusatorial system, if they really make that push and invest their political capital, I think they can come out of this better.
282) "If the Fifth Amendment is to stand for our constitutional preference for an accusatorial system," the court argued, "it must protect the divulgence of the contents of one's mind, one's thought processes, when those testimonial divulgences--be they oral or written communications-would self-incriminate.
its] preference for an accusatorial, rather than an inquisitorial, system of criminal justice; [and its] fear that self-incriminating statements will be elicited by inhumane treatment and abuses.
Mitchell examines the importance of reputation in Nordic culture and its use as a defense against accusations of witchcraft in chapter 5; the harsh penalties exacted for slander or false witness under the accusatorial legal system leave an indelible impression.
According to Mejia (6), expert reports were the cornerstones of proof in criminal proceedings before the implementation of the New Criminal Accusatorial System (Law 906, 2004/Colombia).
Vittorio Zucconi, writing in La Repubblica, adopted a less accusatorial tone: "In the end, it was the trial of a different culture, a clash of cultures more than a legal case," Zucconi argued.
210) After the overall Bosnian Criminal Procedure Code was revolutionized in 2003 to switch from an accusatorial system to a more common law adversarial process, international staff in the Chamber were commended for contributing to the capacity of local legal professionals in applying it.