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But I take all the blame upon myself for never having told your worships of my uncle's vagaries, that you might put a stop to them before things had come to this pass, and burn all these accursed books- for he has a great number- that richly deserve to be burned like heretics.
Neither upon that accursed zero, however, nor upon that equally accursed red do I mean to stake a cent," I muttered to myself as I entered the Casino.
Today I have squandered fifteen thousand roubles at that accursed roulette of yours, and though, five years ago, I promised the people of a certain suburb of Moscow to build them a stone church in place of a wooden one, I have been fooling away my money here
Thou fool," shrieked the old fiend, "thou accursed fool, deemest thou that life is sweet only to the young?
Do you mean to say," cried Gania, from the other corner, "do you mean to say that railways are accursed inventions, that they are a source of ruin to humanity, a poison poured upon the earth to corrupt the springs of life?
Considered alone, the railways will not pollute the springs of life, but as a whole they are accursed.
We entered the accursed chambers and still we did not falter.
They tormented my childhood, making of my dreams a procession of nightmares and a little later convincing me that I was different from my kind, a creature unnatural and accursed.
For one of these accursed creatures was the First of January, and the other the Twenty-fifth of December.
now more accursed For this attempt, bolder than that on Eve, And more blasphemous; which expect to rue.
There may be powers that are not malignant traveling this accursed road.
He had hardly touched the paper with the point of his twig when a low, wild peal of laughter broke out at a measureless distance away, and growing ever louder, seemed approaching ever nearer; a soulless, heartless, and unjoyous laugh, like that of the loon, solitary by the lakeside at midnight; a laugh which culminated in an unearthly shout close at hand, then died away by slow gradations, as if the accursed being that uttered it had withdrawn over the verge of the world whence it had come.
15pm, BBC1 It's Christmas Day in outer space and Peter Capaldi's dark and miserable Doc is hiding in a remote human colony desperate to avoid those accursed carols and comedy antlers.
Only with the help of his fellow Beatles and the beautiful Ahme is Ringo able to unfasten the accursed red jewel.
9] Similarly, our struggle against the accursed enemy of Allah is a journey to human excellence and perfection; a journey characterized by self-discovery and self-reform.