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Synonyms for accurate

Synonyms for accurate

Synonyms for accurate

conforming exactly or almost exactly to fact or to a standard or performing with total accuracy

(of ideas, images, representations, expressions) characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth


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But she said state officials are working on new methods to make the system more accurate.
Notched sheet accurate wigwagged stacking is high volume, but multiple strips are on the same skid.
Because they are worried about being misled, some people may fail to believe accurate information that it would have been beneficial for them to believe.
Pedometer performance was then compared against these highly accurate forms of measurement.
The authors wanted to find out whether two elements of statement analysis can identify accurate and complete statements.
Tachyon M3D (Mask 3D) enables more accurate OPC and OPC verification by incorporating mask 3D imaging effects.
has deployed Initiate(TM) customer data integration (CDI) software for its Microsoft Individuals and Organizations (MIO) project to create an extremely accurate, high-performance transactional data hub that includes complete views of business-to-business (B2B) organizational hierarchies.
A web application, the product allows users to directly query the HMS Provider Master File(TM), the most accurate and complete provider database with over 4.
Aprio's technology is unique in that it is accurate enough for signoff litho simulation and fast enough for design optimization," said Dr.
This partnership will allow Credent to provide accurate, cost-competitive data to its extensive customer base throughout Southeast Asia, while enabling us to realize our goal of building on the success of our NEXTMap product by making our digital elevation datasets available to companies throughout Southeast Asia.
The EOD/IEDD community has used grayscale radiography to analyze suspicious packages for decades," said Shawn Munn, President of Logos Imaging, "but harsh working environments and hardware variability make it difficult to obtain rapid, accurate threat assessments.
This new and exciting biomarker discovery could play a significant role in a more accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer as well as providing important information for the development of new drug targets for the successful treatment of prostate cancer," commented Dr.
In 2003, when Veros Software, the industry leader in predictive technology, first forecasted which markets would be the top 10 hottest and coldest for home price appreciation, many lenders were skeptical that anyone could deliver consistently accurate forecasting.
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