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ILI accuracy typically is stated in terms of a tolerance and a certainty.
Features provide accuracy and fast response to temperature changes, while making the transducer less susceptible to flow erosion.
Thus, it was hypothesized in the proposed path model that effort judgments would lead to preservice teachers' accuracy prediction as well as performance.
We are going to reach the necessary level of accuracy using a new experimental scheme for the A-asymmetry measurement.
As described above, the primary benefit from barrel reshaping is improved accuracy for the fleet-average barrel.
Notably, library and information scientists typically talk about evaluating the quality of information rather than about verifying the accuracy of information (see, e.
There are about 60,000 subscribers, and it works based on PHS, the cells of which are much smaller than on the mainline cellular network, so the accuracy is pretty good.
Differential current sensing further enhances current sensing accuracy because any errors introduced by an asymmetrical multiphase layout are offset.
Peck: At a recent AANAC meeting you reported that some MDS accuracy improvement initiatives CMS undertook in May 2000 achieved a 70% reduction in MDS errors.
The Tour Accuracy DD is the third Tour Accuracy model, joining the original Tour Accuracy and the Tour Accuracy TW.
The court determined that the taxpayer was reasonable and had acted in good faith in taking a position on his travel expenses, so the accuracy penalty did not apply.
Driving accuracy, measured by fairways hits per round, proved to be the least important factor, influencing scoring average less than 1.
Studies conducted by Ickes and others over the past 6 years suggest that individuals often attain considerable empathic accuracy with friends, lovers, and even strangers.
The driving force for dimensional accuracy in the automotive manufacturing industry is the marketplace's demand for higher performance, efficient, reliable, compact and lighter car engines.
First to Offer IEEE 1588 Test and Measurement Capabilities for High Accuracy Time Transfer over Ethernet Networks
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