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Don't imagine that your perfection lies in accumulating or possessing external things.
We shall thus see that a large amount of hereditary modification is at least possible, and, what is equally or more important, we shall see how great is the power of man in accumulating by his Selection successive slight variations.
What with the accumulating savings account, the paying of the monthly furniture installment and the house rent, the spending money in pocket, and the good fare he was eating, he was puzzled as to how Saxon managed to pay for the goods used in her fancy work.
Her father was heir-at-law to a great estate that had long lain unknown of, unclaimed, and accumulating.
To encourage corporations to pay dividends rather than accumulating earnings and allowing shareholders to avoid income taxes, the accumulated earnings tax imposes a penalty tax on earnings accumulated beyond the reasonable needs of a business under IRC section 531.
531 on corporations for accumulating earnings to avoid income tax at the shareholder level.
Most of the bogs and fens of North America and Europe had seemed to begin accumulating vegetation about 1,500 years after atmospheric methane concentrations started to rise.
To that end, SCF is constantly accumulating information about the industry via phone conversations, supercenter visits, reading numerous publications and manufacturer meetings.
The zero pressure accumulating conveyor incorporates a modular electronic control system that allows goods to be accumulated in pre-determined zones, without coming into contact with each other.
In much the same way, Fridson outlines a strategic plan in How to Be a Billionaire for those interested in accumulating the magic sum of US$1 billion and that plan involves being ruthless and not abiding by "conventions of behavior.
As the Zolliecoffers illustrate, the key to accumulating wealth is to use time to your advantage.
These days I'm reevaluating my accumulating of extras, trying to find a way to get them back into general circulation.
The index, to be updated annually, measures the rate at which the oldest Baby Boomers, those born between 1946 and 1956, are accumulating the savings they will need to retire at age 65 and maintain a standard of living consistent with pre-retirement years.
Phoenix's GMAB rider may be particularly suitable for clients still accumulating for retirement, who value guaranteed investment return and flexibility.
The accumulated earnings (AE) tax is a penalty for accumulating E&P beyond a business's reasonable needs.