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of or relating to acculturation

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From a theoretical standpoint, acculturative stress can be viewed through a lens that examines the opportunities, demands, and constraints faced by the immigrant (Bhagat & London, 1999).
When exposed to acculturative stress, individuals can undergo psychological changes such as behavioral alterations in speaking, dressing, and eating, accompanied by indecision, anxiety, and depression.
Acculturative stress among documented and undocumented Latino immigrants in the United States.
Previous researchers have focused on either the acculturative process (Berry, Kim, Power, Young, & Bujaki, 1989) or acculturative stress (Choi, 1997; Constantine, Okazaki, & Utsey, 2004; Kwon & Yi, 2010).
In addition, a study of 148 Mexican American college students found acculturative stress to be associated with greater psychological distress (Crockett et al.
Understanding how new cultural identities are chosen and the repercussions of chosing those identities is important in order to promote better acculturative experiences for international students, and potentially all immigrants overall.
Adherence to feminine norms may be particularly salient for Asian-American women who have to contend with the demands of acculturative factors as well as of the culture of origin, which generally emphasizes conforming to traditional notions of femininity.
Family, peer, and acculturative correlates of prosocial development among Latinos.
Other studies related to the adaptation process of international students studying at English-speaking universities have addressed acculturative stressors.
8) This process may result in a phase of acculturative stress, (9,10) which is conceptualized as the sum of factors that contribute to the subjective experience of this transition.
21, 31, 32, 34) This was explained by the acculturative stress hypothesis, which stipulates that immigrant families may be at higher risk during the first years of settlement because they face increased stress for acculturation and because they are less familiar with the laws, norms and values of the host society.
Specifically, this study addressed the effects of acculturation, dissonant acculturation, acculturative stress, ethnic social identity, family cohesion, and subjective social status on the number of depressive symptoms experienced.
By becoming a part of the college culture, a student of color may experience acculturative stress (Anderson, 1991) thereby, threatening a student's ethnic identity and creating a unique vulnerability to psychological distress (Ogbu, 1997).
A cross-national assessment of acculturative stress in recent European mergers.
It can be said that these juvenile offenders were in the midst of a systematic crisis as a result of their migration experience, a crisis characterized by ineffective parental supervision, academic failure, school drop-out, and experiences of xenophobia and racism-all akin to the acculturative stress apparently affecting Latin American immigrants in the United States, as described by Barrett et al.