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  • verb

Synonyms for acculturate

to fit for companionship with others, especially in attitude or manners

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assimilate culturally

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gt; What efforts are in place to acculturate new teachers?
And if efforts to acculturate Mexicans were more heavy handed than those aimed at Italian and Polish children, it was the race factor that explains the difference.
I think anyone interested in ministering here should study theology here and take the time to acculturate themselves, to "become American" in thought and feeling in a sense.
lf a child is to live freely and creatively and acculturate to a new social environment, then the deeper part of the child must surface.
All three of these programs, combined with pro-homosexual themes in other shows and movies, contribute to the effort to acculturate, or accustom, the population at large to homosexuality.
Having them participate in such a program would further solidify their loyalty as they and their future generations acculturate.
If an international student seeks to acculturate to an American way of life and uses television scenes as a source of appropriate "American" affluence and thus consumption behavior, acquiring possessions may take a central role in attempts to assimilate.
In response to these roles, second wave women may be more strongly motivated to acculturate due to the perceived greater autonomy of Western women.