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the act of accumulating

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If PA has a positive impact on lean mass accruement and strength measures, based on the studies performed thus far there is undoubtedly a dose response relationship that warrants additional investigations.
In defense of epidemiologists, sample accruement, storage, record-keeping, and so on are very expensive and time-consuming for large numbers of samples.
com)-- Marketplace Ford recently created a Low Mileage Lot at its Devils Lake dealership in order to provide its customers with a great selection of quality used cars that also feature low mileage accruement.
It also claimed that 'benefits' extend to all employees and do not require any tenure or accruement, and if a couple has children, they will receive 1000 dollars a month until the age of 19, or 23 if the child is a full-time student.
Persistence in the application of CSR principles appears the most reasonable way to ensure the accruement of its long-run beneficial economic impacts.
However, this architectural accruement of "hybridity" over the decades, she says, has led to a section of Baghdadis criticising it for moving away from "Arab" character.
The second activity with a certain accruement is financial management.
Interoperability permits the Canadian Navy to do more regarding both operations and the potential accruement of political credit, but it also ties the service closely to what its U.
The digitalization of information has also accelerated the distribution and accruement of new evidence, flooding the practicing physician with information, and making it difficult to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant evidence.
For the most part, though, episodic pic establishes a storyline through the methodical accruement of exotic details and spirited exchanges among the mismatched traveling companions.
Nevertheless, we provide novel data suggesting that low adiponectin concentrations are strongly predicted by visceral adipose tissue, particularly in obese persons, supporting the hypothesis that in obese individuals, who commonly have increased visceral fat, adiponectin concentrations steeply decrease with increasing abdominal fat mass, thus permitting the accruement of an unfavorable metabolic profile.
Prentiss be a traveller gathering the accruement of song and assorted parentage for an empire to be lovely you claim a thought to a sanguine family a coast of gold and one of ivory firmer transport takes you on.
On the one hand there is evidence that funders and policy makers continue to rely on traditional collaterals and outcomes measures in order to satisfy an increasing number and diversity of 'information markets' that constantly push research towards short-term applicability and accruement.