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Synonyms for accruement

the act of accumulating

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Rewards for shoppers are readily advertised, usually consisting of the accruement of points by spending money either in-store or online and then using those points to pay for future purchases.
He was a competent doctor, compassionate, knowledgeable, highly intelligent, had a perfect bedside manner, a good business accruement, and he was very impressive for being so young.
By informal is meant that the characters participate within a cultural-legal framework without any ceremonial accruements.
Mallaghan to hold a church wedding complete with all the Catholic accruements - communion, a presiding priest and vows of 'til death do us part.
The accruements of night--moon and stars--carry ambivalent and contrasting symbolism: moon of romance, moon of wolves; stars of Australian songlines, stars of Broadway; stars as impersonal; follow your star--starlight and star-struck.
Toppings and accruements have evolved from yellow mustard and pickle relish to chipotle-laced aioli and cotija Mexican cheese for Southwesterners to chili and cheese, and, of course bacon and comeback sauce in the Deep South.
Despite its star-status clientele and European accruements, Zermatt humbly grows its own vegetables and herbs for its award-winning buffets, and keeps the weeds down in the garden with its own goats.
This ploy is functional insofar as it informs Huck's amazing optimal or rather maximalist foraging--and it is essential to read this merchandising spree and commodity fetishism of sorts against his formal subscription to voluntary poverty earlier on (20)--for randomly distributed (albeit curiously not always utilitarian) civilizational tropes, resources, and accruements (including for example all manner of bric-a-brac and paltry haberdashery items).