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Synonyms for accrue

Synonyms for accrue

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

Synonyms for accrue

grow by addition

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come into the possession of

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Education and training for Accrue services and support personnel, as well as for sales representatives on IBM DB2
To become a member of the Cisco iQ Ecosystem Program, Accrue underwent a rigorous evaluation process to prove that its solution met the high quality standards that Cisco is known for.
Perot Systems runs Accrue Insight on their own site, so they can demonstrate its power for their own prospects.
Organizations attempting to leverage the power of Web marketing and electronic commerce are crying out for more comprehensive information and faster, better analysis," said Simon Roy, President and CEO of Accrue Software.
79-410 appropriately concludes that (under the general rule of section 461) the tax expense for CFT accrues in the "income year" on which that tax is based.
For Federal income tax purposes, the debt's conversion feature is ignored; interest accrues at the debt instrument's overall yield based on the stated interest rate and any OID.
We made the investment in Accrue Software because we found their solution to Web site analysis to be more comprehensive than any we had seen," said Jonathan Feiber, General Partner of Mohr, Davidow Ventures.
W accrues $4,500 of gross sales and includes $4,500 (less the corresponding cost of goods sold) in gross income in 2003, when W and Y settle their dispute.
We help businesses obtain the information they need to optimize their Web sites," said Simon Roy, CEO of Accrue Software, Inc.
Therefore, interest deductions are appropriate in the year in which the taxpayer accrues interest, rather than the year it pays the interest.
Dividends on such shares to be redeemed will thereafter cease to accrue.
4 million of LAN's LANPASS members the ability to accrue and redeem mileage on each other's networks (note 1).
Letter Ruling (TAM) 9538007 held that taxpayers must continue to accrue original issue discount (OID) on debt instruments even when the issuer's financial condition is such that there is no reasonable expectation that the accrued OID win be collected.
The corporation will be unable to pay the bonus this year (due to cash flow problems), but will accrue the bonus.
Thus, if a partnership wishes to accrue an expense to a related flow-through entity, it must defer a portion of the deduction equal to the maximum ownership percentage in either entity of those partners that are also owners of the related entity.