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Synonyms for accrue

Synonyms for accrue

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

Synonyms for accrue

grow by addition

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come into the possession of

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This implies that there would be a reduction in yield and income accruable to the pepper farmers if problem was not tackled.
The accrual approach to borrowing has not been seriously challenged (37) and the only concern has been to shore up the boundaries surrounding the doctrinal category of "fixed and determinable liability" (talismanic of both excludible borrowings and currently accruable liabilities).
Similarly, an investment in research and development could be made to enhance production efficiency, or the manager may uncover a tax credit accruable to the firm in each period, which enhances free cash flows.
Regulators need to consider the benefit accruable to one group of consumers as well as the potential harm to another.
Of the 10 remaining days, 5 are placed into an accruable account, and the agency pays the employee, at straight time, for the remaining 5 days.
79-410 recognized, but for section 461(d), the CFT (as currently structured) as determined on the income of year 1 is accruable and deductible in year 1 (the income year).
These expenses were anticipated but not accruable when the plans were announced.
She said, "Inadequate funding of Joint Ventures operations contributed to the decline in government crude oil productions, crude lifting and revenues accruable to the Federation.
The benefits accruable from digitization of library collections cannot be quantified.
Following this, Nigeria registered its membership with the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in 1985, ostensibly to harness opportunities accruable from Muslim countries.
This involves sound credit analysis, which Nwankwo (1991) describes as the process of assessing the risk of lending to a business or individual against the benefits to accruable from such investment.
At the end of the study, a cost/ benefit analysis was conducted to determine marginal cost and marginal revenue accruable as a result of the use of the various mixtures.
The results obtained in this study will be of benefit to employees, who utilise information obtained during feedback to manage behaviour and modify their performance, so as to obtain desired benefits accruable to high performing employees (Ilgen, et al.
Further, because taxes are a payment liability under the recurring-item exception, if payment is never made, such amount is not accruable.
The costs were principally related to the shutdown of our manufacturing operations in France, which were expected but not accruable as part of the charge taken in the fourth quarter of 2006.