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marked or produced by accretion

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The Pocologan Metamorphic Suite: High pressure metamorphism in a Silurian accretionary complex in the Avalon Zone of southern New Brunswick.
Sandstone petrology and geochemistry of the Oligocene-Early Miocene Panjgur Formation, Makran accretionary wedge, southwest Pakistan: Implications for provenance, weathering and tectonic setting.
The accretionary prism model is the simplest, resulting in interpretation of the Northwest Borneo Trough as a fossil trench.
The accretionary processes that formed full-size planets in our primordial solar system occurred much more slowly farther from the sun, where Uranus and Neptune now dwell.
In the Chilean coast, the existence of rock suites that formed part of a Palaeozoic accretionary prism during subduction of the palaeo-Pacific plate is accepted since the works of Herve (1988), Herve et al.
Two major locations were classified as gas hydrate reserves along Arabian Sea margins located on Indian Continental Slope and in Makran Accretionary Prism.
This is because the shape of shell outline is not a geometrical figuration generated per se, defined at the outset, but it is the cumulative result of an accretionary growth process [4].
The Alps are related to the east-southeastward subduction of the Eurasian plate underneath the Adriatic plate, whereas the Apennines are the accretionary prism of the westward subduction of the Adriatic plate.
Petrographically the section was discriminated between accretionary lapilli tuffs, fine hyaloclastite tuffs and mudstones cycles.
Provenance of Cretaceous accretionary wedge sediments: the Mangapokia Formation, Wairarapa, New Zealand.
In during of tectonic evolution of Lut block margin from Eocene until now a new accretionary prism as Nehcomplex has jointed to the other old terrene.
Tambien se observan bloques metricos de lava subredondeados, escoreaceos, semejantes a las denominadas "bolas de lava" (lava ballso accretionary lava balls sensu Macdonal, 1972), producto del rodamiento y friccion de bloques pastosos de lava, por lo que ocasionalmente pueden mostrar una estructura espiral y en capas (Fig.
Others include that they may be accretionary lapilli formed in volcanic ash eruptions, impact spherules formed in impact events, or devitrification spherules resulting from formation of crystals from formerly melted material.
The relationship between the context of rumour and gossip, and what we might call narrative, is likewise ambiguous primarily because, being a accretionary process, rumour and gossip are part of the stuff of narrative formation itself; therefore, both narrative, proto-narrative and fact-statements co-mingle in a confusing sea of face-to-face verbal transmission (on narrative and ambiguousgenres see: Oring 1986: 121-122; Victor 1993: 72-73; De Vos 1996: 6).