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Synonyms for accouterment

things needed for a task, journey, or other purpose

Synonyms for accouterment

clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing

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At the Pasadena Showcase House, which opens to visitors Sunday, Santa Monica designer Sari Ehrenreich has banished most of the accouterments modern children are supposed to crave from the kids' suite.
You can go deeper--about 12,000 feet below sea level--without all the diving accouterments in a simulated submersible at The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (www.
Many readers will try to put their growing knowledge to work to guess social status of the individuals shown and the meanings of their accouterments.
Private Detective Russell Quant, erstwhile policeman, dog lover, and gay male replete with a Ukrainian mother who has come for Christmas with her cooking accouterments and cute accent, is warned off from a case before it even spans his radar.
However, unlike GOP loyalists sporting pro-Bush t-shirts and accouterments, the Ranks were clad in t-shirts reading: "Love America, Hate Bush.
Benefits for men were gendered, too, but in ways that would cast them as manly accouterments.
Endowment funds, from which only the interest accrued is used, provide additional programming, including more expensive performers or stage accouterments.
Thus it was that early last year Rebecca established a dress bank to provide dresses and formal accessories for high school girls anxious to attend prom and homecoming events, but unable to buy dresses and suitable accouterments.
Ingold's fictitious airline had all the accouterments of the real thing, including business reports, embossed stationary, brochures, and souvenirs, even martini glasses.