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a firm of accountants who provide accounting and auditing services for a fee

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For example respondent # 1, a female principal to a medium sized regional accounting firm highlighted how the male dominated regional accounting firms lacked appropriate support mechanisms in terms of the provision of flexibility in work practices to female employees.
The small number of large international accounting firms performing audits of almost all large public companies raises interest in potential effects on competition and the choices available to large companies needing an auditor.
Accounting firms worldwide have for many years formed alliances, and there are good reasons to do so.
Some of the indemnification language includes, for example, death or injury claims that would be appropriate for an agreement or contract with a construction firm, but not an accounting firm.
The accounting firm, which also has an office in Manhattan, sublet 5,235 s/f from the law firm Baker Sanders Barshay Grossman Fass Muhlstock & Neuwirth at 1393 Veterans Memorial Highway.
Proposed Rule 3523 would set a new requirement to treat a registered public accounting firm as not independent if the firm provided tax services to officers that have financial reporting oversight of an audit client.
Who could have imagined that as a consequence of high-profile corporate scandals in the United States, accounting firms the world over would be forced under the supervision of a newly established agency in Washington, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board?
A public accounting firm includes a non-competition agreement in an employment contract to protect the firm from losing clients.
Small and mid-size accounting firms may not have the capital to expend to meet the requirements to retain material for a longer period of time.
4) surveyed 1,224 clients of one local accounting firm in the San Francisco Bay area.
Keep in mind that the SEC's rule pertains only to accounting firms in the context of their audit clients who are SEC registrants.
Because of a heavy workload, John's accounting firm provided him with minimal guidance--especially the risks involved in auditing and reviewing the financial statements of a large corporation with significant accounts receivable.
The concept came to fruition in 1997 with an unprecedented joint collaboration between COLP, the FBI, and a major private accounting firm.
Not long ago, The Wall Street Journal published an article about two former academics who were busy creating a new unit at accounting firm KPMG Peat Marwick that would help the firm's clients create "the moral organization.
In 1984, the New York-based black-owned accounting firm Stewart, Benjamin and Brown was acquired, adding expertise and resources.
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