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As for actions that cover multiple programs, FSA will utilize another accounting entry for work including:
Therefore, this study adopts the continuum assessment model as the core system architecture for the Accounting Entry subject.
An accounting entry is made in the Sales Distribution Work Table, with debits to accounts receivable and cost of goods sold and credits to sales and inventory.
For cash and property dividends, the accounting entry is a debit to retained earnings and a credit to dividends payable.
The second quarter of 1990 saw a decrease of $721,000 placed in that accounting entry.
Despite the $2 billion positive accounting entry, the largest retail corporate and its members are still left holding a $5 billion accumulated deficit.
XBRL-GL is an application of XML technology that has the ability to capture and communicate any fact gathering required for business reporting that is represented by the accounting entry core of "account," "amount," and "date.
The accounting-entry debt did not have to be included in the subsidiary's capital, since (1) the accounting entry was not evidenced by an instrument of indebtedness, (2) push-down accounting was not required by GAAP, and (3) the Department did not establish that the Target's capital would have increased, as a result of its acquisition, in the absence of push-down accounting.
2 billion OTTI but had the accounting entry not been required, U.