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With the new features, customers will be able to automate their bill payments, manage standing orders and automatic transfers, get copies of their account statements in PDF format, access expanded prepaid services and paying bills with their credit cards to faster accumulate loyalty points.
Financial institutions continue to spend millions of dollars annually on the printing and postage of periodic, paper-based account statements.
When your client receives the separately managed account statement at the end of the month, they see each stock or security as a line item.
The SEC alleges that Rusciano altered the account statement by 'whiting out' the word 'excess' in the 'excess equity' field on the account statement to make it appear as though the hedge fund's account had approximately $64 million, when in fact the account had less than $7 million.
Your account statement or a letter from your employer reports an unusual transaction, such as a loan to the employer, a corporate officer, or a plan trustee
Customers can now print miniature versions of their full account statements at any of the bank's 93 NCR ATMs across Ohio(A).
StreamServe Enterprise Document Presentment[TM], which enables firms to annually create and deliver over a billion personalized and interactive customer documents, will now ship the following two pre-built composite applications: StreamServe Account Statement Processing for SAP Deposits Management from the SAP for Banking portfolio and StreamServe Customer Bill and Statement Processing for the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio.
Agilent shareholders entitled to the dividend of Verigy shares will receive a book-entry account statement reflecting their ownership of Verigy ordinary shares, or their brokerage account will be credited for the shares.
Over the next year, we plan to explore a variety of timely topics including private site reviews, the account opening process, a review of collateral materials, an account statement analysis, a look at advisor sales kits, educational resources and interactive tools, and advisor and private site account tools.
Using the Tralix Business Process module companies can integrate surveys, coupons and transactional fields to everyday processes, like invoicing, account statement delivery, alerts and confirmations.
the global leader in Enterprise Document Presentment, today announced it has expanded the capabilities of StreamServe Financial(TM) to include an account statement solution.
The Vanguard Group today unveiled an interactive and personalized account statement for participants in employer-sponsored plans to help them better plan for a financially secure retirement.
With StreamServe's enterprise document presentment solution, customers can choose to receive their account statement via e-mail, post or online.
The contract includes 21 new NCR Personas M Series 76 automated teller machines (ATMs), as well as NCR Personas Print account statement printers, NCR Personas 77 interior ATMs and NCR Personas M Series 86 exterior ATMs.
KARACHI -- Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC) has sent Physical Account Statements to all Sub-Account Holders of the Central Depository System.