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With the new features, customers will be able to automate their bill payments, manage standing orders and automatic transfers, get copies of their account statements in PDF format, access expanded prepaid services and paying bills with their credit cards to faster accumulate loyalty points.
A 401(k) or individual account statement shows your contribution from your paycheck was not made.
When your client receives the separately managed account statement at the end of the month, they see each stock or security as a line item.
The SEC alleges that Rusciano altered the account statement by 'whiting out' the word 'excess' in the 'excess equity' field on the account statement to make it appear as though the hedge fund's account had approximately $64 million, when in fact the account had less than $7 million.
The IRS also requires your employer to send you regular account statements (usually once a quarter) explaining how your investments performed, as well as educational materials about the investment choices available to you.
KARACHI -- Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC) has sent Physical Account Statements to all Sub-Account Holders of the Central Depository System.
Hampden Bank (NASDAQ:HBNK) has entered into a new relationship with DST Output, a customer communications provider, which would result in a new design for its deposit account statements.