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be the reason or explanation for

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give reasons for

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1, one crucial issue for the insurance industry remains unresolved and will occupy the IASB for the next few years--how to account for liabilities related to insurance contracts.
When Lemon credited the bank account for the checks she made out to herself, the corresponding debit was false.
A method of accounting is a rule that governs when an item of income or expense will be taken into account for federal income tax purposes.
133 to account for the interest rate swap transactions that allowed the Company to assume the effectiveness of such transactions (the so-called "short-cut" method).
A financial interest also includes an account for which the owner of record or legal title holder is (1) acting as an agent, nominee, attorney or in some other capacity on behalf" of a U.
Similarly, he was directly involved in addressing how to make the new policy operational--setting up the systems needed to capture market value on a monthly basis and creating a new general ledger account for unrealized gains and losses.
Analysis of the fees charged in connection with deposit accounts must, at the very least, account for the distinctions among noninterest checking accounts, NOW accounts, and savings accounts.
Given the stepped-up regulatory, public and media scrutiny, it's crucial for you to evaluate which risks your company hedges and how you account for your hedging activities.
Read and place memos on an account for the advisor and Trust Company to see, providing up-to-the-minute updates on account activities and an active role in account management
704(b) regulations to account for noncompensatory options.
companies initiating business combinations after that date would have to use the purchase method to account for the transaction.