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There is no clear indication that the Roggen account book is related to this store.
The second surviving account book is a crown octavo (7 inches by 5 inches) cash book, single-cash lined in red ink by Scott, as previously, and carrying on the same recording and balancing practices as before.
a publicly-listed software company in Taiwan, recently hosted a fixed assets tax account book application seminar to assist Oracle EBS (Enterprise Business Suite) users to precisely grasp enterprise fixed asset calculation, enabling treasury and IT personnel to complete tax account book maintenance and account settlement.
The figure has emerged from his account book, which went on show in London yesterday.
Examination of specimen pages from the Folger Library account book shows that it is the same size, uses the same format and is written with the same hand as the Aberystwyth volume.
Blockchain technology dispersion manages and synchronizes account book information such as transaction history, thereby helping to ensure that account books cannot be falsified.
This work is a complete and extensively annotated Dutch-to-English translation of an account book of the mid-18th century.
The relevant portion of the account book, along with a few other primary texts, is transcribed in a useful supplementary section at the end of the monograph.
The main account book of the Suleymaniye was about twenty pages long and full of details (see MAD (2) 1954, MAD 2094, MAD 4503, MAD 5758, MAD 5832).
Like all good microhistories, an exceptional source lies at the core, in this case, Heritage's account book for 1501-20.
I keep control of my bank account because I know when to expect income and interest payments and, once I issue a cheque, I record it in my account book.
The Peterloo Relief Fund Account Book is one of the first documents to be inscribed on the UK Memory of the World Register.
Whoever owns that account book is lucky it was sent to an honest member of society like Mrs Farrel.