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a physician specializing in obstetrics

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Parce que nous faisons constamment le grand ecart entre le passe paralyse dans le present et le present accoucheur d'avenir, nous, Africains, Arabes et sans doute d'ailleurs, nous marchons en boitant quand nous pensons danser, et vice versa.
George's Hospital Medical School--and the accoucheur who ushered the biographical subject into the world--publisher J.
He resigned from his appointments of Hospital Superintendent and Coroner (19) but delayed resigning from his appointment of Provincial Surgeon until October 1861 (4), although for a considerable time prior to then this duty was fulfilled by Dr C France, a practising surgeon and accoucheur (47).
One female midwife he described as 'a feminine accoucheur [who] keeps a sly grog shop, and sells nobblers [drams of spirits] when not obstetrically employed', adding that the midwife unashamedly spruiked for maternity business.
Minto, doctor of medicine from the University of Jena in Germany, was an accoucheur or obstetrician in Edinburgh who was born in 1804 at Dunkeld in Perthshire, the town in which ATN's grandfather was minister.
En d'autres mots, quand les therapeutes de la medecine creole nous racontent le debut de leur metier, rien ne laisse entendre qu'ils ont cherche a devenir accoucheur, medecin-feuille, praticien vodou, et qu'ils ont l'intention de faire de leur statut un gagne-pain.
By nightfall Croft had summoned the assistance of another accoucheur from London in the shape of Dr John Sims.
Lianne McTavish sets herself a more ambitious brief, to study a range of obstetric treatises published in French over nearly two centuries--coinciding broadly with the rise of the accoucheur (man-midwife surgeon)--in order to analyze how men came to be recognized as experts embodying obstetrical authority.
Zola n'a fair que suivre les croyances de son epoque, cautionnees par la tradition, par Darwin par les eleveurs et veterinaires et par le plus grand accoucheur du temps.
There are also the observations of her accoucheur, Dr.
Another blank column reveals there were no witnesses such as an accoucheur or nurse.
Above all, the upstart profession of accoucheur, men like Laurence Sterne's Dr Slop, became targets for prurient satire.
my right hand is still at Nurse & notwithstanding it is well swadled & duly supply'd with pap (alias poltice) it is a most peevish Brat & has led me a very unpleasant Life & what is most extraordinary it has been several times brought to Bed, & my Grand-Children are tolerably like me being nothing but Bone: this veryday I am to have an Addition to my Family, my Elbow is already in Labour & the Accoucheur is preparing his Instruments for the Caesarian operation.
Participating subjects were randomly assigned (masked allocation) to either PCD (n=1043) or to PVD by an accoucheur experienced in breech delivery (n=1045).
While bone fragments painfully worked their way through the suppurating wound and doctors debated whether to remove his arm, he referred to the limb as a "most peevish Brat" that insisted on giving birth: "This very day I am to have an Addition to my Family, my Elbow is already in Labour and the Accoucheur is preparing his Instruments for the Caesarian operation.