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Synonyms for accost

Synonyms for accost

to approach for the purpose of speech

to meet face-to-face, especially defiantly

Synonyms for accost

approach with an offer of sexual favors


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I pieced the events together afterwards: this man apparently strolled down the aisle still holding the Host in his hands, until a woman leapt out of her pew to accost him and command that he consume the Sacred Species without delay.
It's much harder for the ladies to accost me with a witness present.
Noel saw a thirty-three year-old door-keeper accost an eighteen-year-old apprentice (25 May 1782).
WHEN I see a man with curly hair, covered in mud, I'll know to accost him this weekend, as it'll probably be Sir Mick Jagger.
Muntazer al-Zaidi, 30, told a Baghdad trial he had videotaped himself practising the insult two years ago and had hoped to accost Bush in Jordan but this did not take place.
I'd go to some political function or a fund-raiser, and gay and lesbian people would accost me--`Your sister's a lesbian
Redding from Esperance, the French colony in Australia, hires Mickey to accost a young lady from England and escort her from her ship into Mr.