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capable of existing or taking place or proving true

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Assign projects that are accomplishable and meaningful.
Proper clarification in financial resources and organizations in SMEs is accomplishable only if efficient accounting systems are implemented.
In our experience, the technical workflow of library preparation and performance of sequencing is accomplishable by individuals with high-complexity molecular testing experience.
Plan your activities and break them down into "bite-sized" accomplishable pieces.
Once confidence grows, the main resolution to lose weight or save money, for example, will eventually seem accomplishable.
However, any tasks assigned shall be those which may be readily accomplishable by the family, based on the family members' educational level, and disabilities, if any.
Structural changes and barrier removal--including installing ramps, railings and grab bars in restroom stalls--must be done where it is "readily achievable'1 and easily accomplishable, without much difficulty or expense to the company.
Accordingly, Rorty's claim that the traditional philosophical aspiration to grasp the nature and good of reality just hasn't "panned out," that "absolutist" philosophy was simply never able to do its job successfully, falls flat if, as Rorty seems to think, this "job" was thought to be accomplishable independent of the moral order of the soul, which is to say, of the rectification of the appetites and will.
It seems like it might be good to get some input from them about a direction that might be accomplishable within the community," he said.
However, as it was demonstrated in Brdo, at least for now their wish remains hardly accomplishable because there are many monitors who claim that the meeting lived through a debacle.
Make actual change happen, be goal oriented and choose an accomplishable goal and accomplish it in a reasonable amount of time.
The term "readily achievable" means "easily accomplishable and able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense.
Third, it's high-profile, strategically important, accomplishable work that makes sense.
The assassination of Hajj also implies that there are also those, both inside and outside Lebanon, who believer that the compromise offered by the parliamentary majority by accepting constitutional amendment to end the void, represents the beginning of its defeat, hence warranting the need to continue the battle to force it to make more concessions, an objective best accomplishable by further delaying the presidential elections and maintaining the ongoing threat of a presidential void and its consequences in terms of economic and security deterioration.
Representative John Dingell (D-MI), scheduled to head an important committee, is a strong opponent of forcing the auto companies to improve their fuel efficiency, although that improvement is accomplishable and would lead to significant decrease in gasoline consumption.