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She thought it wisest to make her way as best she could out of the forest, and then to pursue the fugitives once more and accomplish their destruction either by force or cunning.
To accomplish the great desideratum of ærial navigation, it was very generally supposed that some exceedingly complicated application must be made of some unusually profound principle in dynamics.
So long as I accomplish what I desire, and make my money hold out, I shall regard the thing as a success.
I have a magic charm powerful enough to accomplish that wonderful feat, and now that we have been warned of our danger by the Nome King's invasion, I believe we must not hesitate to separate ourselves forever from all the rest of the world.
The former of these, the immense wealth of which the captain supposed Mr Allworthy possessed, and which he thought himself sure of inheriting, promised very effectually to supply; and the latter, the soundness of his own constitution, and his time of life, which was only what is called middle-age, removed all apprehension of his not living to accomplish.
They award bonus dollars to consultants who helped them accomplish the project objectives.
had left the leading up to the European states and found their resolve to accomplish the task to be wanting.
The board has the responsibility and the right to decide what they want to accomplish, and to monitor carefully the progress of the district and the superintendent.
Since I started using Cash Manager," he said, "I have experienced first-hand the high level of service and support that Accomplish has to offer and now I can independently access virtually every aspect of my company finances.
One of the most effective tools in any work environment is to plan your day early as to what you intend to accomplish that day.
One major lesson learned was that charter development is very time-intensive, and adequate time must be budgeted within a workshop to accomplish this specific goal.
These missions showed SDDC, JMC, and the transportation community that we can accomplish any mission, from humanitarian to contingency, and gave us some good exposure as to the capabilities we have here on the West Coast at MOTCO.
When her efforts pay off with an A on the quiz, this increases her personal belief that she can accomplish similar tasks in the future.
I hope that those of you here today will carry on and try to accomplish some of the same kinds of things that I was able to accomplish, with the help of the people around me.
Resources are the physical items that can be utilized to accomplish a goal, such as technology and personnel.